You Need To Know These 3 Facts of E-Commerce Platforms before Launching Your Online Store

You Need To Know These 3 Facts of E-Commerce Platforms before Launching Your Online Store

If you are not selling online, you are missing golden opportunities. Like the gold rush that made European countries to colonize other continents, so is those failing to embrace the e-commerce idea will find themselves out of the market. As you know, digitization is taking the physical business to the virtual platform. Hence, if you want to survive, embracing the new idea is not exceptional.

Though it sounds like an easy process to operate an online store, you must be conscious when taking the first step, mainly when choosing an e-commerce platform. During your research, you will come across several recommendations favoring either an open source or hosted popularly known as SaaS platform. To avoid confusion, you need to understand the following facts about all e-commerce platforms:

You need to host your website that means a hosting fee

No one should lie to you that you will not be charged a hosting fee. Unless you are considering a second level or a subdomain, any standalone domain name will require you to deep into your pocket. For hosted option, the fee is part of the package offered to you. However, for the open source, you will have to find a host before you kick on your web development process. Hence, hosting charges is a universal requirement regardless of whether you go for the open source or hosted e-commerce platforms.

A 100% promise is a lie

In the real sense, no platform has a 100% score. Each platform comes with a package of benefits and downfalls. For example, open sources will require you to have some coding knowledge. However, they are cheaper and offer you an opportunity to customize your website depending on your preferences. On the other hand, setting up a site on the hosted platform is easy. The platform comes with drag and drop features that do not require any coding. But its downfall is that you cannot make your website unique. Your template of choice may be a choice of another person too. This limits your ability to stand out.

Your online success relies on your marketing efforts

One misconception you will hear in the online arena is that building your site on SEO optimized e-commerce platform will make your website rank number one in your niche. In fact, companies are using this concept to woo more customers on their side. While there is some truth in it, the point is that almost every e-commerce platform is SEO optimized. Hence, no platform will replace your online marketing task. Thus, if you want to rank better and earn more sales, online marketing is not optional.

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