5 Easy Tools to Build a Website

5 Easy Tools to Build a Website

  • Yola

Yola lets you create a website, by choosing a template for the website and filling in a few forms. Once you have an outline to the website you want, you can use an editing tool to completely tune your website for the final look. You can also incorporate your website with other platforms such as Google Maps, or Picnik to edit photos. The basic tools to create a website on Yola is free, however to get other features you will have to upgrade to Yola Silver which costs $100 per year. Yola is a great place for creating a website that has building tools within a reasonable rate.

  • Jimdo

The free version of Jimdo allows you to use basic tools that every other website builder has. It is recommended to use upgrades to unlock some really interesting features such as customized newsletters that will help you stay engaged with your customers. As mentioned earlier, the basic features are free while Jimdo Pro will cost you $5 per month and Jimdo Business will cost you $15 which comes with unlimited storage. It is best if you do not use the free tool, as it does not have any other special tool.

  • Wix

Wix helps you create a website that looks great and it is simple to use as well. The only drawback of using it is that the tool is based on Adobe Flash which usually works on most PC’s but is not compatible with every mobile device. If this is not much of an issue for you then you can use the other great templates that Wix provides which can be customized to your needs. Wix is best for its photo galleries, so that they can show their customers what their business is all about.

  • Intuit Websites

If you are not as artistic as your business demands you to be, you can use Intuit Websites to lend you a hand. It has a quick survey that helps you choose what kind of template best fits your business needs. Once it provides you with the templates you can choose which one you like the most for your website. The starter package will cost you nothing for the first month, and only $5 for the next month.

  •  Google Sites

Google Sites is a free website building tool, which helps you create websites that works greatly with your business needs and it converts your Google apps account into a business organization tool.

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