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The Four Types of Multichannel Retailing

With massive growth in popularity of e-commerce businesses, every entrepreneur is turning to selling online. According to statistics, online sales will hit $5trillion in 2018. However, to be part of the online craze, you need to own an e-commerce website or an online store. Also, your site must be unique and standing out to conquer your rivals in the virtual market and attract customers.

 In this essence, you need an e-commerce solution that will give you an opportunity to customize your site according to your personal and target customer preferences. Also, your solution of choice must be cheaper and without any limitation in controlling your online presence. If these are your preferences, an open source e-commerce solution is the right option. Nevertheless, you might be in a dilemma on which open source is suitable for you when launching your first e-business. 

To help you arrive at the right decision, here is a review of the top 3 open source e-commerce platforms:

Magento Open Source 

Magento is not only a name of another e-commerce solution provider or website builder. Rather it is a brand in the e-commerce niche. On the Magento open source (formerly known as Magento Community Edition) you get an opportunity to gain experience as you build your first online business. The platform offers a wide range of features to help you in building your e-commerce website from scratch.

To enhance your website design and customization, the platform has features such as custom web designs and styling, CMS, API to integrate your site with third parties, and features to help you manage your online customers or groups. Also, it has an array of shipping, checkout, and payment features. Also, you have SEO optimization, and customer support features to help you enhance your online marketing and customer service provision.

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If Magento open source is not your taste or you find it complicated, you can opt for osCommerce. This e-commerce open source solution comes with more than 8,000 free integrations to help you build your site. Also, the platform has a strong backup of an active community to offer you support in your site development process. It is one of the oldest open sources with 17 years of existence.

As such, you can trust their service and also expect strong support from experienced experts available on the community forum for free. Also, osCommerce comes with Apps Marketplace that enables it to integrate with any third party platform such as social media and payment processing options.




Spree Commerce

The next open source e-commerce solution is Spree Commerce. Spree Commerce is a suitable platform for creating an e-commerce website if you are Ruby and Rail, experts. If you are not a guru in this field, you have a choice to opt for other solutions or be ready for a tough learning curve. Away from this, Spree commerce is a good platform if you are looking on to create a standing out website that is responsive to all computing and mobile devices. Also, it is one way of developing a scalable e-commerce website that is flexible and extensive to meet the current business needs.

As such, the platform can help you to build a website with the capability to handle the unexpected rise in traffic. Also, you get community support from more than 1800 developers through the spree slack channels. Hence, if you are looking for a flexible, outstanding and a highly responsive e-commerce website, Spree Commerce is a good option for you.


In a word, open source e-commerce solutions are a good option for launching your first online business. The solutions are affordable compared to the hosted solutions. As such, they are suitable for new business seeking to launch an e-commerce website on a budget.